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Notre-Dame of Paris

Join us in support of Notre-Dame of Paris

Dear Friends of Magnificat,

As many of you know, your monthly Magnificat was born, as it were, in France. In 1992, I placed the project under the protection of Notre-Dame de Paris. You can imagine how our hearts were profoundly moved by the sight of the great Cathedral of Paris burning through the night of April 15th.

With the prayers of so many devout persons and the bravery of four hundred French firefighters, Notre Dame, though severely wounded, still stands: Thanks be to God! Stabat Mater dolorosa!

Because of Magnificat’s dedication to what is beautiful, what is true, and what is good, and because of our love for the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church and Patroness of France, the members of the Magnificat Family have been touched in a very particular way. We now invite you to unite yourself in prayer with Catholics in Paris and all over the world. Pray with us this beautiful prayer composed by Saint John Paul II during his papal visit to Paris in 1980.

Virgin Mary, at the heart of the Cité
We pray to you for this capital city.
You who are Undefiled, preserve the purity of its faith!

Virgin Mary, from the banks of the Seine,
We pray to you for the country of France.
O Blessed Mother, teach her to hope!

Virgin Mary, at this great Christian site,
We pray to you for all the earth’s people.
You who are Full of Grace, may they be one in love.

A magnificent building was damaged, but the cathedral of faith—built over the course of hundreds of years by our forebears in the Catholic Faith—still stands strong. This spiritual edifice will continue to point souls toward heaven! From all over the world let us unite our prayers and efforts to return Notre-Dame to its original grandeur!

In order to assist materially in the reconstruction of the cathedral, we invite you to make a tax-deductible donation to the Magnificat Foundation. The collected monies in their entirety will be sent to the Archbishop of Paris for the rebuilding of Notre-Dame de Paris.

With trust in Our Lady's intercession and God's providence,

Pierre-Marie Dumont
Founding Publisher of Magnificat
Director of the Magnificat Foundation



The Right  Hand of God Protecting the Faithful against the Demons

The Right Hand of God Protecting the Faithful against the Demons
with Notre-Dame of Paris in the background (ca. 1452–1460 ),
from The Hours of Étienne Chevalier, Jean Fouquet (ca. 1425–ca. 1478),
MET, NYC. Public Domain.