Mother and Child, Franz Dvorak
Mother and Child, Franz Dvorak
(1862-1927). Private Collection.
© Whitford & Hughes, London, UK/ Bridgeman Giraudon

Welcome Message


Dear Friends,

The Holy Father urges us to stand up and answer his ardent call: “The New Evangelization is an absolute emergency, it is the first mission of all the baptized!” To lead others to the faith, the Magnificat Foundation invites you to join us in a new and imaginative effort.

The mission of the Magnificat Foundation is to help every person encounter Jesus Christ, and experience the fullness of life that is possible in communion with him and his Church.  The Magnificat Foundation, which enjoys the support of prominent Bishops, seeks prayerful, generous members so that it can bring the joy and beauty of the New Evangelization into the heart of our contemporary culture. The Magnificat Foundation needs you!  Can you—will you help this project?

The Magnificat Foundation is looking for “angels” who are willing and ready to support financially two concrete initiatives:

  1. We wish to offer Catholics in United States the chance to “rediscover the joy of believing.” We therefore plan to organize Magnificat Day Missions throughout the country. These Mission Days will highlight beauty as a privileged path to the contemplation of the mystery of God. The first Magnificat Day Mission was held on November 3, 2012, in Orange County, CA.
  2. We plan to launch the first multilingual online Catholic daily news service platform. The world needs a Catholic news source that competes with the best secular media outlets, so people may receive balanced news stories informed by the Faith. In cooperation with an array of other Catholic organizations, the Magnificat Foundation is in a prime position to make a profound impact in the realm of media communications, which has been so warmly recommended by the Second Vatican Council and recent popes.

The Magnificat Foundation believes that what the Church asks us to do comes from God. My colleagues and I are thus determined to see these projects through to completion, at least in the measure that God grants us the means, both financial and personal. The good fruit that the Foundation’s outreach can bear is needed now more than ever. And the Church summons us forth in faith to do so. Together we can do this – by the grace of God!

Thank you for supporting this effort.

Sincerely in Christ and Our Lady,

Pierre-Marie Dumont