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Berni Neal

Dear Friends,

This summer, from July 1-4, an event is taking place in Orlando that is sure to be a major first step in the revitalization and renewal of the Catholic Church in America:


The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) will convene an
unprecedented Convocation of Catholic Leaders
to study and to find solutions to the greatest challenges in our time.


Almost 4,000 Catholic leaders from all across the U.S. will gather to:

  • Assess challenges and opportunities in the Church today
  • Share new and exciting ways to proclaim the Gospel
  • Promote successful models of evangelization

In recognition of its growing spiritual impact on the lives of many Catholics across the country, the Magnificat Foundation has been invited to play an integral role in the organization of this unique convocation. But the help and support that we are to bring to the USCCB is to be at our own expense.

Here is a sampling of what your tax-exempt contribution will help us to achieve at the Convocation:

  • Turn the main ballroom into an environment suitable for liturgy, reflection, and renewal
  • Help organize all the liturgies
  • Organize the Eucharistic procession scheduled to take place through the streets of Orlando
  • Arrange and decorate the Eucharistic chapel and main altar
  • Create a sponsorship program so more leaders can attend


Evangelizing with enthusiasm!

The publishers of Magnificat and the Magnificat Foundation share certain fundamental goals: to spread the Gospel and to promote a deeper relationship with Jesus, his Blessed Mother, and his Church, in what we call the Magnificat Way of Life: a life of joyous faith lived boldly, manifested in beautiful liturgy, prayer traditions, and Catholic culture made available to all.

With your support we can share the Magnificat Way of Life with thousands of influential leaders. Think of how it will spread throughout the Church when these leaders return to their parishes!


Become a Magnificat Foundation
benefactor today and donate to our tax-exempt foundation.
No donation is too small!


Berni Neal
President of the Magnificat Foundation




Pierre-Marie Dumont

I cannot tell you, after creating the Magnificat magazine, how many people have said to me “Magnificat has changed my life.” Yet, we did nothing other than to make available the beauty of the Liturgy of the Hours and the treasures of Catholic Tradition.

Encouraged by many friends and subscribers of all ages who asked us to organize a religious charity separate from the publication to permit more of the faithful to participate in the good works inspired by Magnificat, we formed the Magnificat Foundation under the patronage of His Eminence Seán Cardinal O’Malley, o.f.m. Cap. Its purpose is to promote, or to see promoted, what I would call the “Magnificat way of life.”

What is this “Magnificat way of life”? It is a life modeled on Mary’s Magnificat: on her unreserved and joyful “yes” to God’s amazing invitation to bring Jesus into one’s life and into the world. It is reflected in the way Mary’s Magnificat has been carried out through time and space, through prayer, art, and joy by so many Christian people. Simply put, the “Magnificat way of life” is a daily Christian life, dedicated to participating in and sharing God's Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in all its forms.

Here are some of the endeavors of the Magnificat Foundation to make the “Magnificat way of life” a vivid reality:

  • Throughout the country, sold-out Magnificat Days gather thousands of Catholics for an unparalleled experience of prayer, faith, and beauty, followed live by millions on EWTN and Catholic TV.
  • On a regular schedule, the Foundation sponsors Magnificat Lectures in order to relate the relevance of Catholic doctrine to the pressing issues of social, economic, and political life. These lectures draw world-renowned speakers to the Catholic Center at New York University and other venues.
  • The Magnificat Foundation makes it possible for those in need and who cannot otherwise afford them to obtain quality Catholic prayer resources, thereby benefitting deserving young people, seminarians, retired clergy and members of religious orders, prisoners, members of the military on active duty, women in distress, hospital patients, and many others.
  • During the year, the Magnificat Foundation organizes public veneration of the relics of the Little Flower, Saint Thérèse, and of her parents, Canonize Saints Louis and Zélie Martin, to promote the sanctity of couples and families, by special entrustment from the Sanctuary of Lisieux.

For the Magnificat Foundation to reach as many people as possible with its message of love, faith and divine inspiration, we need your help. The various projects sponsored by the Magnificat Foundation - the Magnificat Days, the Magnificat Lectures - can be maintained only with financial support. Your gift to the Magnificat Foundation’s tax-deductible fund is therefore very important.

Thank you for your generosity, and may God bless you!


Pierre-Marie Dumont
Founding Publisher of Magnificat