Pilgrimage of Hope - Boston 2008
Saturday and Sunday, October 11 and 12, 2008
Pilgrimage of Hope Testimonials

What a wonderful conference!! Spending time with Catholics from all over the country … was a true gift of the Spirit.


-- J.S.

On Pilgrimage with Magnificat
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Enjoy again the talks of all 16 speakers!
On Pilgrimage with Magnificat
Hope Does Not Disappoint!
Fr. Daniel P. Barron

Dear Friends,

Many thanks to all of you who prayed for, and participated in the Pilgrimage of Hope. I want to thank in a special way all of the volunteers and staff who helped to make the event a success. May Mary, the Mother of Divine Hope, keep us in her care as we continue together toward heaven.

Fr. Daniel P. Barron, O.M.V.